Hannah and Caroline just completed another lax camp and when I asked how they liked this camp, they both said "Blue Cheetah is way better." I thought you should know this was a most significant compliment, as this other camp was a bit "cushy"; with one-hour lunch breaks, two popsicle breaks and they watched about 40 minutes of a movie each day as well!! Despite what some kids would consider some "fun perks", the girls said that hands down, your camp was far better and they felt like they learned more about the sport from your camp. I wanted to share that with you, so you would know how much the kids really do enjoy Blue Cheetah.


Thanks for all you did to run the lacrosse camp last week. My daughter, Avery, had never done any camp like that before and really enjoyed the challenge and camaraderie of the full-day, intense, sports-focused camp. [Your camp] reinforced to her that she is valuable and she does make a difference, even if she's not the best one out there...and I think it will inspire her to keep at the sport and continue to improve. You guys ran a great camp!


A big thank you to you all! What an awesome camp!!! Great balance so skills and fun. Elle loved every minute of it and looks forward to seeing you again next year :)


Hi, just wanted to let you know that my daughter, Samantha enjoyed your camp very much.


Hi Dave - my son Lucas had a blast at camp!


Dave, Emily had a great time and is already talking about winter camp and camp next summer! Thanks!


Thank you David and all your staff for a camp well run. Isabella had a great time. Everyday she had different stories of the fun thing they did. She's looking forward to continue playing lacrosse. This camp was her first experience with the sport.


Thank you for a great week of lacrosse - you have a very well run camp and Tristan learned much.


Nairi had a great time. Please pass my thanks along to Kathy as well. Nairi's friends (Sarine and Victoria) are new to the sport and both had a great time as well.


Thank you! Blue Cheetah Lacrosse Camp is a great camp!! My son Cody had a great time at camp again this year.


Thanks David for a really great camp experience......Franny loved loved LOVED it!!  This was her first year at your camp and now she can't get enough lacrosse!


Many many thanks!!! It was absolutely fabulous. Kids loved it!!


We have tried a few lax camps and this has been the best by far! Lilly says she has learned more with your camp than any other! Thank you so much for a great week and we hope to participate in more Blue Cheetah programs!!!


Hi Dave - Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed the camp last week! You and your staff made it a FUN learning experience. As a parent, I appreciated the daily updates you emailed. Nice touch! Thanks again, and hopefully see you at The Edge in February.


Thanks again for a great week, Dave. The kids loved it!


My sons loved this camp. Thank you very much!


I don't think my daughter's introduction to lacrosse could have gone any better. Last night, she had me out in the backyard playing catch and showing me what she'd learned at camp. You and your team did a great job!


Thank you, Dave. My son really had a wonderful week. He really enjoyed the coached, the other kids that he met and the program. We will be looking for the February school break program.


My kids both had an amazing time!! Julia's 3rd year and continues to love the sport more and more! She claims that her love for lacrosse has been due to your camps and clinics! It was Sarah's first year and I think she has decided to continue playing the sport. Thank you so very much for all you do!!


I just wanted to let you know that Hannah has the best time at the camp this week. Thanks for making the skills and drills fun!


Hi Dave - great meeting you today. Lucas really enjoyed the camp and he felt like he improved his catching, had fun with existing and new friends, and seems even more excited about lacrosse.


Just want to thank you for a great week! My son Blake thoroughly enjoyed your camp and I was impressed by how well organized it was, your daily emails, the friendly and professional staff- everything really!


Jackson is having a blast at Blue Cheetah this week. He is particularly enjoying the face off competition!! Thanks for running such and awesome camp.


Hello I just wanted to let you know that Kate Denn is loving this camp! She has already asked if she can do it again next year! Thank you!!! Great job!!


Thanks Dave. Camden's having a blast.


Matt had a lot of fun and wished the camp was longer!  Thanks again for a great camp.
Tom Judge
Bedford, MA


Hi Dave,
My son attends several lacrosse camps each year but I was impressed by how much he likes the coaching, drills, and overall learning environment at Blue Cheetah.
Hunt Henrie

I want to thank you very much for Katie's experience at the LAX camp. She really enjoyed her time. In her words, "Definitely worth it. I really improved my left side and learned some new moves".
Thanks again.
Denise C-P


Aidan was beaming when he came home today with both a title of best goalie of the week (I may not have gotten the title exactly right) and a new goalie stick. Thanks for giving the kids another great week. I know Aidan's already eager to come back again next year.


Dear Mr. Walsh,
I just wanted to say thank you for such a great camp experience!  Both my children, Ross and Ailsa had never played Lacrosse before and they came out loving it. The camp was so well run right down to your emails before camp telling what forms where needed and what to bring.  Also, the incremental weather updates were so good to know also. Lastly, as busy as you must be running a camp, you had time to not only come talk to me about the bump on the arm Ross got but you returned my email. We will gladly return next year.  Thanks again! 
Karyn Taylor


Thanks for another great week of camp - Max really enjoyed it, learned a lot, and had a fun time w/your coaches. I'm sure we'll be back next summer!


Hi Dave.
Nicole had the best time at the camp this week.  She is still walking on "Cloud 9" after a week of rigorous fun.  Her confidence in many aspects of the sport has flourished.  We're so glad we discovered your camp.  So many of the camps in the area do not cater to girls.  You will definitely see Nicole back next year. Thanks again to you and the coaches.  
Carolyn Corbe


Kori (girls' age 12) had a fabulous experience at Lacrosse camp last week. In addition to improving her skills and increasing her enjoyment of the sport, the counselors were just tremendous. Their enthusiasm and ability to share their knowledge of the game and experience truly set the tone for the week.  They clearly had a good handle of everyone' abilities and were able to move the kids around to different groups during the week which I think enabled tremendous individual coaching and encouragement.  
Let us know if you " want" to do a fall or winter program!
Kathryn Stein (Kori Church)


Thank you. Colin had a great week and was excited about the new techniques he learned. He looks forward to coming again next year.
Robert Raposo


Thank you, David - alex had a good week. It takes a lot to tire him out as much as he was, and that speaks well of the activities and interest of the program you set up.
Nancy Trautman


Thank you again for a wonderful week. Austin learned a lot and had a
wonderful time.
Kindest Regards,
Donna Lutz


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